VGC safety briefing at London Bridge
Bradley, Prabu, Jagdip, Richard and Jed

Be Safe by Choice with VGCMonthly ‘Be Safe’ briefings are sent to all staff.

They include information to increase staff awareness of safety.

These briefings are discussed at the monthly HSQE meetings, chaired by the HSQE director. Then they are cascaded to all operations staff in team meetings, and printed out for those who do not use a computer regularly.

The January 2018 Be Safe brief (472kb pdf) includes:

  • plant-people interface
  • banter on site
  • winter vomiting bug

January’s safety alert is on handling injuries (511kb pdf)

The December 2017 Be Safe brief (772kb pdf) includes:

  • injury trends (still led by backs and fingers)
  • lessons learned – beware putting yourself at risk by being casual about your work
  • being aware of modern slavery

The December safety alert is on plant people interface (562kb pdf)

The November 2017 Be Safe brief (525kb pdf) includes:

  • lessons learned
  • injury trends (backs and fingers)
  • Movember encouraging conversations around physical and mental health

The October 2017 Be Safe brief (256kb) includes:

  • a warning about the clocks changing and increased risk of accidents
  • Stoptober
  • OSHtober

We have also started doing themed safety alerts. October’s alert (458kb pdf) is on mental health.

The September 2017 Be Safe brief (266kb) includes:

  • dust
  • knives with exposed blades
  • please note that Elizabeth line trains do not have yellow fronts

The August 2017 Be Safe brief (303kb pdf) includes:

  • If a task method changes
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Heart disease, hypertension and diabetes

The July 2017 Be Safe brief (276kb pdf) includes:

  • Suspicious behaviour protocol
  • Managing change
  • Fairness inclusion and respect

The June 2017 Be Safe brief (350kb pdf) includes:

  • Healthy eating – 5 a day
  • Summer working
  • Network Rail’s revised standard 019

The May 2017 Be Safe brief (377kb pdf) which includes:

  • Mental health awareness week
  • ‘Fire all out’ reports

The April 2017 Be Safe brief (507kb pdf) includes:

  • Key influencer training
  • Waste management

The March 2017 Be Safe brief (222kb pdf) includes:

  • Eye and hand protection
  • Our ‘Be right’ campaign
  • Recognising the signs of depression and stress

The February 2107 Be Safe brief (251kb pdf) includes:

  • a warning about using hand-held devices while driving
  • health messages about mental health and supporting one another, and testicular cancer

The January 2017 Be Safe brief (291kb pdf) includes:

  • Don’t store dirty gloves in your hat
  • Thank you for Christmas working
  • Working when you know it isn’t safe
  • Take care of your back

Older Be Safe brief pdfs are saved on the archive page.

Our commitment to health and safety – not just senior management, but embedded throughout the organisation –  is an indication of how highly the VGC Group values all staff.

We also share safety information on LinkedIn and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Please like and follow us to keep up to date.