VGC’s volunteering programme, ‘go beyond and give back’, supports staff to volunteer in their local community.

All VGC employees based at offices across the UK are eligible to take part. VGC gives volunteers the equivalent of one paid day per year (eight hours) for volunteering activities.

ILT team members volunteering May 2018
In May 2018 the ILT team volunteered time to help homless charity Cambridge Cyrenians on their allotment. L to R: Boris (Hercules), Chris (Danny Sullivan), Steve (Reliable) and James (VGC)

A number of employees are involved in company-supported volunteering. For example, some of our managers are local advisory board (LAB) members for Career Ready, others deliver career workshops in schools, and others are involved in volunteering activities through our clients on the A14 C2H and HS2 projects.

‘Go beyond and give back’ formalises the volunteering programme and encourages other staff to take part.


Volunteering is therefore a win-win for all parties: the individual, VGC and our community partners.

How it works

Volunteering opportunities are promoted on the VGC intranet site as they arise. Employees register for the activity of their choice by emailing the CSR team. They match up the volunteer with the activity and provide joining instructions.

Other people, who already have a volunteering activity in mind (or indeed already volunteer), send the information to the CSR team which will approve the activity and log the hours.

For more information, please contact Kimberley McGinty, CSR manager.