VGC have announced their annual health and safety week focusing on raising awareness of Buried Services.


This week, VGC are shining a spotlight on our HSQE team and their Buried Services campaign.


We want to raise awareness around buried services, with the goal being to encourage our workforce to STOP when things change, no matter what the activity. The key message – “Stop if anything changes” is one of our Four Be Safe Rules.


Recent statistics found that 31% of construction workers failed to check for underground services when digging. Our aim is to decrease this statistic as well as increase awareness.


We hope that, by raising awareness on such an important topic, our teams across the country will keep themselves and their colleagues safer. We understand that each injury has an impact on a person’s work, finances, and family. A bad injury can change their lives.


As part of the campaign, our HSQE and operational teams will be visiting our sites across the country promoting awareness of buried services, utilising a range of resources we’ve made widely available for our clients and fellow suppliers to use on our page.