Andrew Smith receiving a Crossrail award

Mark writes:

Andrew Smith has won an award on Crossrail Anglia for his impact on health and safety.

Sarah Brock from Crossrail presented him with his award on site at Ilford on 5 April. The award is for his contribution to improving health and safety awareness on site, including putting in close call cards and suggesting improvements. He also helps out anyone who needs support, no matter if they are VGC or from another company: for example, he taught some of the COSS (controllers of site safety) how to use the Sentinel app to check workers’ smartcards.

Mark Beer
Author: Mark Beer, labour manager

Andrew is a site supervisor, working on the stations upgrade for Crossrail for our client Costain. He is currently involved in the platform extension at Ilford station. He’s really good: when I first interviewed him it was obvious that he has the right attitude to be a real asset to VGC and our clients.

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