Matt writes:

We’re running a Be Safe by Choice behaviour-based safety leadership course on 24 March.

It’s a one-day course to reinforce our safety culture for managers and directors across VGC: we all want to prevent accidents as well as delight our clients. We’ve run the course before; this is for the new starters who have joined since we launched Be Safe by Choice in 2012 and who have not yet had the chance to attend the training.

The course consists of four sessions with each session providing a workshop opportunity to explore the key learning and action points in:

  • behaviour and health and safety
  • safety leadership
  • performance management
  • safety coaching

The course is aimed at directors and managers both operational and non-operational across the whole business. Even those managers with office-based roles that are considered far removed from the hazards and risks of the workplace should attend in order to identify their role in supporting the developing safety culture.

After the course, attendees will be able to:

  • appreciate the challenges of managing behaviour in the context of health and safety and how to formulate strategies for change
  • recognise the importance of ‘doing the simple things well’ when it comes to leading on safety
  • establish what constitutes a strong measure for safety and how to use consequences effectively to drive behavioural change
  • identify the key coaching qualities necessary to be an effective influence over others and promote a positive performance culture.

    Matt Dean
    Author: Matt Dean, HSQE adviser

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