Steven, Josh, James and Shane

Jacques writes:

I’m really pleased that the Atkins SAG (Safety Action Group) picked out Shane Jupp’s team for the January 2015 safety award for carrying out the works at Gillingham in  a safe and orderly manner.

The photo shows (from left to right) Steven Hodges, Josh Cormack , James Piercy and Shane Jupp.

The works on the platform at Gillingham station involved core drilling on the platform and to the track side of the platform wall and excavating to the required depth, then they installed ducts for cabling and reinstated the platform. Extra unexpected work was required when a 200mm thick brickwork separation wall was found in the trench and also 4” clay pipes encased in concrete, which had to be broken away with caution to enable the duct installation. The work was carried out on night shift and the site cleared to allow passengers to travel on time the next morning.

Luke Silver was nominated in December for the award and Jedd Carey has been nominated for the February award. I’m very proud to be working with such a dedicated team.

Jacques Kriel
Author: Jacques Kriel, director VGC Rail Projects

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