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Chelsey writes:

Next summer I’m going to do the Icelandic Lava trek to raise money for Samaritans.

I work for VGC as part of the payroll team. I have worked for VGC for the last year and am now part of the charity committee.

By first hand seeing all of the fantastic events that we have put on at VGC, I realised I also want to raise money for our chosen charity, Samaritans. I want to do something more to help us reach our overall goal.

So I have decided to take on a massive challenge in 2018 in order to raise money for the fantastic charity. This challenge is a gruelling four-day Icelandic Lava trek through the mountains and idyllic landscapes of Iceland.

This challenge is going to be by far the biggest and toughest challenge of my life so far. After suffering from extreme anxiety myself for the past two years participating in this Iceland trek is a huge deal! But one I am willing to face because Samaritans is a charity very close to my heart.

A mental and physical challenge

As someone who is not in, let’s just say… ‘peak physical condition’, and who is not overly keen on exercise, this will not only be a huge mental challenge but an intensely physical one too.

I will be setting off on my travels on 4 July 2018 and will be returning on the 8th with an aim of raising at least £2,000 for the charity. This amount needs to be raised by the end of April 2018 so I don’t have long!

To start my fundraising I went Sober for October. It was a big deal for me, as like most 24-year-olds I love a good drink on the weekend! I also stopped smoking at the end of September and have put some of the money I have saved from quitting towards my fundraising.

So far the kind people at VGC head office have sponsored me £100 for Go Sober which is a brilliant start, to say the least.

My training for this challenge has already started. I now see a personal trainer once a week, and come January we have six months of intense training planned!

I will be updating you all throughout my training process and hope that you will follow me through my amazing journey. Any questions you may have, please do fire away!

Thank you very much.

Chelsey Crabb, payroll assistant
Author: Chelsey Crabb, payroll assistant


If you’d like to sponsor Chelsey, please go to her JustGiving page. Your donation will go straight to Samaritans.

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