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Richard writes:

Our new manual handling ‘train the trainer’ scheme is about empowering people on site to make sure they’re safe.

person handling boxThe training is part of our ongoing work to reduce the risk of harm to our workers.

We identified manual handling as posing a significant risk, based on accident and close-call trends.

Therefore we set up this programme to deliver the training with in-house trainers. These are volunteers who have said they’d like to be more involved in safety. It’s personal development for the trainers: it will give them the confidence to spot potential issues on site during their daily work, and head them off straight away.

They will deliver manual handing training courses on site, as well as tool box talks. The training won’t be limited to VGC workers: anyone on site will be welcome to attend, to help keep everyone safe.

The training covers manual handling and safe lifting techniques, as well as hazard identification. It includes writing risk assessments. We will talk about the types of injury associated with poor handling, and how the human body works when you pick up and handle loads.

We will also talk about ‘FLUENCY’:

  • F – Feet – give your lift a good base
  • L – Load – assess it in advance
  • U – Unlock – bend your knees and unlock your hips
  • E – Even – spread the load evenly through both legs
  • N – Neutral / natural – keep your body as close to its natural posture as you can
  • C – Control – keep control throughout
  • Y – Your back – has to last your whole life, so treat it with respect
Richard Wheeler, HSQE manager
Author: Richard Wheeler, HSQE manager

I’ll deliver the first set of training on Monday 23 May in London and on Tuesday 31 May in Manchester.



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