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Ciara writes:

On 8 February Build UK and CECA carried out a CSCS smartcard audit across member construction sites.

The audit used smartcard technology to make sure that everyone working on the sites has the required training and qualifications to do their jobs. It also highlighted any expired or fraudulent cards.

We were pleased to support this event. We continually work to ensure that all our staff are qualified and competent to do their roles.

  • At the recruitment stage all CSCS cards are verified to ensure they are authentic.
  • Our HR and training teams use our bespoke database to ensure that all qualifications are maintained. They see when training is needed, and book people onto the correct programmes so that they continue developing their skills. As a result our clients can be assured that VGC people are skilled and qualified to undertake their roles.

Checking CSCS smartcards electronically

We use software and a card reader on PCs in the office. Cards are checked on site using a ‘Go Smart’ app and the near field communication (NFC) reader on a smartphone or tablet.

When the card is read using the smart technology embedded in it, the expiry date will be displayed on the screen. An orange message will appear if the card expires within the next three months; if the card has already expired the message ‘expired’ will display on the screen. If the card is more than six months past its expiry date the cardholder’s details will not appear on screen.

Fraudulent cards will not synchronise successfully, and will be reported to the police and the CSCS.

VGC welcomed the audit to ensure that high standards of qualification, compliance and assurance are maintained across the industry.

What should I do if I lose my CSCS smartcard?

Ciara Pryce
Author: Ciara Pryce, group services director

Tell your labour manager immediately. You should apply for a replacement card in the usual way. The original card will be cancelled so if someone tries to read it online, it will state that the card is no longer valid.

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