Rail delivery safety workshop

Jason writes:

We had a very successful workshop in Reading (10 July) with the southern rail delivery team. I was able to meet the team members for the first time. It was also a good opportunity for John Hannan, the new HSQE director, to talk to to the teams.

We started at 9am with breakfast and an update on the company and our contracts from Laurence. Then Debbie Wiseman from IAMDrive gave a presentation on driving awareness.


People in the rail delivery team receiving their awards
Will Dalton giving their awards to (from top) Nigel Pearce, Mark Luther, and Shane Vaux

After a bit about paperwork, awards were given to:

  • Shane Vaux and Mark Lowther for safe driving based on data received for the In-car-cleverness tracker system
  • Nigel Pearce for the best rail delivery paperwork in the past six months.

Well done, men.

William Dalton and Michael Elwood presented a technical update of the rail delivery. John Hannan presented an update on safety in the company and reviewed previous safety incidents, which opened the floor to serious discussion among the rail delivery teams.

Simon Clamp gave a presentation on rail delivery trains. He also talked about the walkout hierarchy and we did an exercise to remind us about good practice.

After a nice lunch, Ray Dunne from Network Rail talked about changes to the Sentinel cards and the new Sentinel app, which will help people to clock in and will carry training certificates.

Feedback from the team included saying that they gained “awareness of safety” and “clear vision for the future” as well as our “emphasis on safety”.

Jason Yadao
Author: Jason Yadao, site agent

Unlike most staff, the rail delivery team members don’t have a site or an office. We conduct these workshops every six months, one in the south and one in the north, to get engagement with the workers and provide feedback.


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