SCPV safety meeting

Will writes:

Friday’s SCPV* (switch and crossing panel vehicle) meeting in Beeston went really well.

The meeting was jointly hosted by Network Rail and VGC.

Thanks to Progress Rail for the use of the venue, and to everyone who came along to discuss safety and production improvements.

  • From Network Rail – Dave Turton, Darren Wilson
  • VGC – Will Dalton, Jason Yadao, Simon Clamp, John Hannan, Mick Clarey, Steve Foster, Josh Connolly, Merv Smyth.

The agenda included:

  • Company and contract update
  • Management update
  • Technical update
  • Safety update
  • Key safety areas for discussion

The feedback was excellent from the SCPV team who are an integral part of the track renewal process. There was valuable discussion about key safety and production challenges that the team faces. Massive thanks to Dave Turton for helping with the organising.

The Network Rail responsible managers for the activity are Jon Timmis and Abdul wadud Ahmed who fully support all safety advancements.


Switch and crossing panel vehicle
Switch and crossing panel vehicle

* Sorry to confuse people who aren’t aware that we also sometimes call the same vehicle a ’tilting wagon’. It is a bespoke delivery train that allows complex switches and crossings to be manufactured off site, and then delivered made-up to site, to save time and cost, and reduce risks working on the rail infrastructure. You can see the vehicle in action at 1:00 – 1:05 and again at 2:00 – 2:10 in this Network Rail Thameslink video of August bank holiday 2015 works.

Will Dalton
Author: William Dalton, project manager


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