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Matt writes:

Just a reminder to ensure that everyone continues to be fully aware – we haven’t had any incidents and we must keep it that way.

When working on Network Rail infrastructure, whether working on or near the line or physical work that is not lineside on behalf of a project, you must sign in and out with NSC (National Supply Chain for Network Rail). This is so that NSC knows who is on their network at any one time.

When working on London Underground infrastructure during engineering hours, you must ensure you sign in the identified PWT (EH) who will book you on with the TAC. PWT (EH) must remember to book off with the TAC. When working in possessions on LU infrastructure, it is more than likely to be a site access controller in place. You must remember to sign in and out on his forms at the start and end of his shift.

Matt Dean
Author: Matt Dean, HSQE adviser

Should you forget to sign out you may risk other people’s lives, if they have to access high risk areas to come to search for you, believing you may have been involved in an incident – not to mention the potential fines for causing late-running trains.



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