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Laurence writes:

I’d like to extend a very big thank you to all our people who have safely and successfully completed works over the Christmas holiday period.

Crossrail Anglia

The Rail Projects team completed over £1 million worth of priced works on the Crossrail Anglia project for Costain. These included two undertrack crossings (UTX), one under two tracks at Stratford Station and one under six tracks at Ilford. The UTX under six tracks at Ilford was particularly complex: it required significant temporary works and monitoring of an adjacent flyover bridge with various sub route connections, and three chambers. Logistically this was made more difficult because engineering trains had to be allowed through our worksite during the operation, to support other unrelated work on Costain’s project.

We built a 30 metre long retaining wall at Pudding Mill Lane. It comprised steel H piles with precast concrete infills. The wall was constructed in difficult ground conditions next to the main line railway and next to overhead line supply structures. Well done to the team who installed the wall on programme, despite some problems with RRV equipment.

At the end of the construction works, track geometry checks ensured that the railway was safe for trains to run. All VGC works were completed and the track handed back to allow the lines to be re-opened as planned.

Congratulations to the team involved in the thorough planning for all the works. They started weeks in advance to ensure they covered all relevant factors, risks and contingencies. The planning was the best I have seen – well done to everyone.

Rail delivery

Our rail and switch and crossing teams completed all their deliveries as scheduled. Thank you very much indeed.

Tube upgrade and maintenance

Our teams working on Track Partnership to upgrade the Tube network received a number of thank you emails from Transport for London.

For the Hounslow West to Hounslow Central drainage works, the senior project manager emailed: “Hats off to everyone for delivering such a complex and dangerous job without suffering an accident or incident.” The head of pumps and drainage said it was a “complex job that will make a massive difference to the track in Hounslow area. This is a significant achievement due to the timescales and the depth of dig.”

Thank you also to the teams involved in the site visit by London Underground Commissioner Mike Brown, who called the works “an outstanding example of innovation and collaborative working”.

Other projects

Our Labour Solutions teams in both north and south completed a tremendous amount of work as programmed. They worked on contracts including several Crossrail projects, the Edinburgh to Glasgow Improvement Programme, the Northern Hub project, Waterloo station upgrade, and signalling upgrades for Network Rail. They also resourced an additional 15 competent people at short notice after another sub-contractor was unable to deliver.

Laurence Mckidd
Author: Laurence Mckidd, managing director

Thank you all.





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