Aasim working on the Crossrail volunteer day

Aasim writes:

I volunteered this summer for an opportunity through Crossrail with the local council and local residents. The project was to help clean up a woodlands area in Brentwood called La Parta Grove.

We helped them with litter-picking, some de-vegetation of invasive species such as laurel, clearing up walkways for the public use and cleaning up a clogged up stream from logs and leaves (that’s what the picture shows).

Aasim Khan
Author: Aasim Khan, graduate engineer

We worked for about five hours, from around 10am to 3pm – it was great fun. I was working with other members of the Crossrail team, local residents and also some council members from Brentwood. It was good being able to meet the local residents, and they got a better understanding of the Crossrail job itself, being able to meet me as a person. They get your take on it, you get their take on it, and it was good to do something to help the local community. While the project is going on locally it can be quite disturbing for residents, so it’s really good to give back.

I worked with a VGC chap from Labour Solutions called Caleb Cowie, and with some of the Costain people. It was an opportunity to get to know them a bit better, and to strengthen the working relationship with them.

Crossrail volunteering group
The group of volunteers

I’m glad VGC gave me the chance to volunteer and I would definitely do it again.


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