Reece Skingley, apprentice storemanReece Skingley has been an apprentice on Crossrail Anglia since October 2015.

“To anyone thinking of doing an apprenticeship, I’d say ‘go for it’,” he says.  “If you’ve just finished school or college, it’s the best way to get theory and practical skills, to make you more employable.”

Reece quickly earned his white (‘experienced worker’) hat on site. He and his supervisor Paul Martin won an award for January’s safety inspection of the Crossrail Anglia compound, and in April 2016 he and colleague Steve Hodges were commended by client Costain for safe working.

“You learn a lot while being given a bit of slack – you’re not thrown in. I’ve learned lots of different types of construction work that VGC does, and the safe way of doing things. VGC gave me a role that suits my skills; I am an assistant storeperson and do a bit of computer work.”

According to the National Apprenticeship Service, apprenticeships boost productivity to businesses by on average £214 per week. There were  871,800 funded apprentices in 2014/15.