Nuneaton Stage 4 – civil engineering and level crossing works

Nuneaton signal upgrade
£3 million
West Midlands
Nov 2008
Jun 2009

The contract was awarded in November 2008. It was part of Network Rail’s programme to improve the cross country route between Coventry and Nuneaton by upgrading the outdated signalling system. The new system uses modern interlocking equipment and control has been transferred to Rugby signalling control centre.

VGC’s contract involved close liaison with Network Rail’s main signalling contractor Atkins. The work comprised the civil engineering element of the signalling contract and included:

  • replacement of over 9km of C1.29 troughing, involving recovery of existing troughing and placing of existing cables into new route
  • 27nr Location areas including several on various piling arrangements
  • 18 mass concrete signal foundations and erection of signal structures
  • 1nr UTX
  • 2nr URX’s
  • 2nr level crossing renewals including CCTV, lighting column and pedestal bases
  • 2nr REB bases
  • numerous retaining structures to suit topography and location of new assets

Extensive cable route works were undertaken adjacent to the railway which required installation during night time and weekend possessions. Several different types of piling were incorporated into the works including Screwfast piles, Aspin piles and T-piled retaining walls.

This project was undertaken by VGC without causing any disruption to planned rail services. It demonstrates the ability and versatility of VGC to deliver high quality work within a challenging rail environment.