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Information about renewing competency cards during the COVID-19 outbreak

Qualification awarding bodies have made arrangements so people can continue to work during the pandemic.

You will need to carry your cards with you, even if they have expired.


CSCS has asked all sites to use their discretion for workers whose CSCS cards expire from March 2020 onwards, and who cannot do the CITB HSE tests for renewal.

They have also extended the period you can renew after your card expires, to up to a year from the expiry date.


You can apply for an emergency COVID-19 CPCS card, which is valid for a year. It will cost £15.

For more information, see

London Underground

LU has extended all safety on the track certification for work in traffic hours, depots, engineering hours and possession.

All qualifications that expire after 21 March 2020 are extended until 30 September 2020.

London Underground ICI can only be booked at the training centre in Stratford.


If your SMSTS / SSSTS expires after 15 March 2020, you will be allowed to take a refresher course rather than the full resit course.

The courses are now available online.

Sentinel (Network Rail)two workers show their Sentinel cards

Network Rail extended all Sentinel competencies and medical certificates for four months on 24 March. They have now extended for a further two months.

That will give time for everyone to start getting the training and recertification they need, while training centres deliver training with reduced class sizes (for social distancing).

VGC will be in touch to arrange your re-certification.


Express Medicals will have all their clinics open by 4 August.

  • Birmingham, Rotherhithe, Manchester and Doncaster are open now.
  • Maidstone will reopen on 29 June
  • Newcastle – 30 June
  • Liverpool – 1 July
  • Cardiff – 8 July
  • Milton Keynes – 9 July
  • Glasgow – 14 July
  • Southampton and Leeds – 4 August.

If you need a qualification not listed here, ask your labour manager to contact the HR team.

Please note: there is still zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol on all worksites.

Eight comments on “Competency cards during the coronavirus outbreak”

  1. Jo keen

    What can I do if I’ve been offered work but have not got cscs card and can’t book because of covid 19

  2. Zena Wigram

    Hi Jo, would you email our recruitment team at please, and discuss it with them? Thanks

  3. Marcus wright

    I have an out of date cscs card and I have a test booked in October can I still work with it

  4. Zena Wigram

    Hi Marcus, CSCS has asked sites to use their discretion, and allow workers with expired cards to continue to work, so your site will probably allow this. You’ll need to have your expired card with you at all times. Please talk to your labour manager if you have any issues. There’s more info and a link on

  5. Alfie Jury

    How do you get a cpcs card mines running out

  6. Zena Wigram

    Hi Alfie, would you talk to your labour manager, please? They’ll be able to liaise with the training department.

  7. Anthony John Davie

    Trying to get extended slinger banksman card ran out 31 Dec can i do this on line many thanks

  8. Zena Wigram

    Would you email the HR team on please, Anthony?

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