Coronavirus testing

VGC has been approved to refer construction workers who have symptoms for coronavirus testing.

The test will show if you currently have COVID-19 coronavirus. There are no tests yet that confirm if you have previously had COVID-19.

The test should be done in the first five days of the illness. It is best to apply for a test in the first three days of having symptoms, because it may take a few days to arrange the test.

Symptoms of coronavirus are a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or losing your normal sense of taste or smell.

You are not guaranteed to be tested, because tests depend on Public Health England testing capacity at the time.

Who can get the test?

You can be tested if you are experiencing symptoms, if you are a construction worker who cannot work from home.

People who live in the same house with you can also be tested, if they have symptoms.

Remember, as soon as anyone in a household develops coronavirus symptoms, the whole household must self-isolate together by staying at home.

Knowing whether you have or don’t have coronavirus may give you peace of mind. If the test is negative, then you and your household will not have to continue to self-isolate.

How can you get tested?

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  • As you know, if you get COVID-19 symptoms of a high temperature or a new, continuous cough, you must stay at home and follow the absence reporting processes. You must also do this if someone in your household gets symptoms.
  • When you email to tell them that you are self-isolating, they will ask if you would like VGC to refer you for a test.
  • If you ask VGC to refer you for a test, Public Health England will send you a text message. This will invite you to book a test at a coronavirus testing site for yourself, or for the person in your household who has symptoms.
  • Or you can apply for a test yourself. Go to the Public Health England website to apply for a coronavirus test and follow the instructions.
  • You will usually be able to choose if you want to take the test at home, or at a drive-through testing site.

The test will prove if you currently have coronavirus or not. Remember, the test can not show if you had coronavirus in the past.

If the test is positive, everyone in your household must continue to self-isolate.

See the NHS website for more information, including how long you must self-isolate for.

After your period of self-isolation, or if you get a negative test result, contact your VGC labour manager or line manager to discuss your return to work. (You may be need to provide evidence of a negative test result.)

Please do not go back to work until you have spoken to your labour manager.

Support while you are sick or self-isolating

The NHS website has advice on looking after yourself if you have coronavirus. There is no specific treatment, but you can treat the symptoms.

We have set out a list of resources if you need help with finances during this time.

If you are self-isolating, is especially important to keep looking after your mental and physical wellbeing.

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