Health Awareness clipboard

All VGC operatives working in Manchester have been invited to attend a VGC health awareness day in Salford on Friday 20 June.

As part of VGC’s commitment to health and safety, the company runs regular health awareness days. During the day, a qualified nurse is available on site to discuss their health, in total confidence, with VGC staff.

Areas covered will depend on the needs of the person, but are likely to cover:
•    BMI – body mass index
•    Advice on healthy eating
•    Blood pressure
•    Cholesterol
•    Blood sugar
•    Advice on giving up smoking

If a worker is found to be at risk of a problem like diabetes or high blood pressure, they are given advice on making lifestyle changes to help.

“We are aware that people in the construction industry tend to have higher rates of occupational ill health,” said Ciara Pryce, Group Services Director. “We want to ensure our people are fit and healthy, so they can continue working as long as they want to work, rather than only as long as they are able to work. Offering site visits in total confidence makes it easier for people to talk to a health professional than they might find it to make an appointment and go along to a medical centre.”

VGC staff members wanting to know more are invited to call the VGC head office on 01895 671 800 for details and to book their health check appointments.

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