VGC workersVGC is well equipped to meet the demands of the national nuclear investment programme.

We have extensive knowledge of civil engineering major projects, and experience of working within highly regulated and safety critical environments,

For years VGC’s human resources team, trained by the UK Borders Agency, has screened personnel to work on railways, airports and nuclear facilities throughout the UK. We supply all categories of security vetted trades and labour, including carpenters, joiners, steel fixers, concreters, slinger signallers, plant operators and general labour to nuclear projects at Urenco, Hinkley Point and Sellafield.

Workforce solutions in high security environments

The team undertakes the stringent clearance processes to assure the integrity of each placement. At sensitive locations such as nuclear facilities and airports, security is of the utmost importance, and the screening process particularly rigorous.

George Farquhar
George Farquhar

While our human resources team is based at our head office in west London, our site personnel and site management have a distinctly local flavour. Our Sellafield labour manager George Farquhar is an excellent example. Living and working in Cumbria near Sellafield for years, he is committed to VGC’s policy of employing local people wherever possible.

George says, “It makes sense to encourage and develop the local workforce. Not only does it reduce the environmental impact of long-distance commuting, it also ensures that the local economy benefits, as wages are spent in local shops and businesses.”

Daniel Cooke
Daniel Cooke

A similar story can be told about our workforce at the new nuclear power station under construction at Hinkley Point in Somerset. Labour manager Dan Cooke uses his local knowledge to maximise recruitment from the surrounding towns and villages. He says, “It is a real challenge to resource such a major project from what is essentially a rural area; however by doing so we will enhance the skills and prosperity of the region.”

Our work on airports as far apart as Heathrow and Glasgow offers parallels in how they are administered and managed: VGC is accredited to provide clearance to work in security restricted airside locations. And, as always, our labour managers provide the expertise to make sure that these projects are delivered to meet our clients’ requirements.

VGC is an active member of the National Skills Academy – Nuclear to ensure we can provide the highly skilled and accredited people required to deliver the demanding nuclear programme.

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