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VGC ensures that all those who are required to operate a company vehicle within their work activities, do so in a safe way that reduces the risk to themselves, their colleagues and members of the general public. We believe that by managing work related road risk there will be fewer incidents which could lead to injury, repairs, increased running costs, reputational damage and environmental damage. We will strive to promote a safe driving culture throughout our business.


The VGC Group aims to minimise and control the risks involved in driving on VGC Group business to as low as is reasonably practicable. We do this by ensuring

  1. VGC drivers complete an induction detailing roles, responsibilities and expectations when operating and the requirement to adhere to the highway code at all times when driving on company business.
  2. The capability, qualification, license conditions and experience of the driver are considered. Drivers are reminded of company requirement and the legal obligation to provide updates if their license conditions or personal circumstances change, affecting their ability to operate a vehicle safely.
  3. Ongoing knowledge updates (highway code) and driver awareness training are provided
  4. Only authorised / approved drivers are permitted to drive specific vehicles and that this is regularly reviewed.
  5. Drivers are reminded that company vans are only to be used on company business. No personal use is permitted.
  6. That rules surrounding the use of mobile phones or other ‘in vehicle’ distractions are adhered to at all times. Where operating as part of of Network Rail projects, mobiles phones are totally prohibited when operating vehicles.
  7. That drivers are not permitted to consume alcohol, prohibited drugs or substances, or prescribed medication (where the advice on the medication is not to drive) whilst driving on VGC company business.
  8. Only suitable vehicles are supplied – including consideration for purpose, load, maintenance, taxation and insurance
  9. Regular vehicle inspections are undertaken to identify wear and tear on vehicles that may require maintenance.
  10. All vehicle incidents, accidents or injuries sustained whilst driving on company business are reported to as soon as reasonably practicable.
  11. That drivers understand that passengers must also comply with the Road Traffic Act, the Highway Code and any other legislation that maybe in force at that time as well as all company policies and procedures

Laurence Mckidd, chief executive officer
31 March 2023

Download a printable copy of our driving and use of vehicles at work policy (228kb pdf).

This policy confirms the commitments of all members of the VGC Group including VGC Rail Projects, VGC Construction, VGC Labour and VGC Personnel.