VGC Group is committed to operate a formal energy management system (EnMS) to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 50001:2011.

This allows us to continually improve the energy and carbon performance of our offices and sites through monitoring, setting targets, training and communication.

The VGC EnMS scope covers all our energy use to deliver contracts, services and personnel to the construction and rail industries, including the operation of all support offices, depots and transportation.

To deliver this, we will provide the resources and measured information needed to achieve set objectives and targets.

We will meet our energy management legal requirements, as well as other related requirements we subscribe to.

We set and review energy objectives and targets. Our long and medium term goals are:

  • Commit organisational resources to improve energy management.
  • Adopt a method of continual improvement to increase energy efficiency.

Our energy management system will support the purchase of energy efficient products and services, plus the commissioning of any design related to our energy performance improvement.

The energy management system will be documented and communicated to all levels of VGC Group staff.

This policy will be formally reviewed annually and updated as required.

Laurence Mckidd, managing director
June 2020

This policy confirms the commitments of VGC Group and its companies, including VGC Labour Solutions, VGC Projects and VGC Personnel.