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We will run our business in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner while considering all social, environmental and economic impacts and opportunities to improve.


This policy is based on social, environmental and economic needs. It is supported by a sustainability plan and objectives.


We will seek to involve the local community, and keep residents fully informed of any work activities which may affect their homes and day-to-day lives. All work will be carried out with consideration to the needs of local traders and businesses, site personnel and visitors, the general public and the environment. We will run full and regular consultations regarding programming and work activities will be maintained from pre-start to completion.

We maintain a policy of local employment and look to mobilise a local workforce where possible and invest in the upskilling of these people. This improves the local community, addresses industry skill shortages, and helps people to find meaningful and sustainable employment. Our EDI policy ensures good working relationships between workers are maintained. Wherever possible we will consider the use of local suppliers for materials and services.


We are committed to protecting the environment. In projects for which we have direct or partial responsibility, we will carry out environmental impact assessments to identify activities that pose a risk to the environment, and introduce control measures that either eliminate or reduce those risks to an acceptable level. Attention will be given, but not limited, to noise, dust, light intrusion, pollution, vegetation, ecology, areas of conservation, and waste management.

We will endeavour to use environmentally friendly construction materials, methods and equipment, and to ensure that products are procured from sustainable and / or fair-trade sources. We measure and reduce energy usage and recycle and reclaim materials to reduce our overall carbon footprint.


We are committed to the principles of best value, to contribute to the growth of the economy, and increase opportunities within the industries we work in. Benefits include:

  • more predictable workload and profit levels
  • repeat business opportunities
  • cost savings
  • improved predictability and cost certainty
  • phased, overlapped programmes within strategic agreements

We are committed to inward investment. We provide employment opportunities during and after training, either directly or through our approved register of specialist sub-contractors.

Laurence Mckidd, chief executive officer
31 March 2023

Download a printable pdf copy of our sustainability policy (237kb pdf).

This policy confirms the commitments of all members of the VGC Group, including VGC Labour Solutions, VGC Projects and VGC Personnel.