This policy relates to all training and assessments delivered by VGC Training.

Training or assessment delegates have the right to appeal in respect to:

  • the quality of the training or assessment delivery
  • the outcome of the training or assessment result.

If a delegate wishes to lodge an appeal they should obtain an appeals form from the course trainer or assessor or the training administrator.

Within seven days of receipt of the appeals form, a meeting will be held between the trainer or assessor and the training manager. Appropriate action will be taken to address the matter.

If, as a result of the investigation, deficiencies are identified within the context of the training or assessment delivery, the training manager will address the issues with the trainer or assessor and appropriate actions will be documented.

If it is identified that there has been a breach of the awarding bodies’ scheme rules then disciplinary action may be taken against the trainer or assessor and the awarding body will be informed immediately.

If it is found that there is justification for the grounds of appeal then a meeting will be arranged with the delegate and their employer to determine appropriate action.

If the delegate is still unsatisfied with the outcome of the investigation they have the right to contact the awarding body to lodge a further appeal. The training administrator will provide them with contact details on request.

Appeals forms will be kept for a minimum period of five years from the date of receipt.

Ciara Pryce
Group services director

Download a printable pdf copy of our training appeals policy.