Staff survey on phoneThank you to everyone who took the time to fill in our staff survey.

Your feedback helps us identify areas where we can improve. It also allows us to celebrate areas and people where we are ‘going beyond’.

Remember you don’t have to wait for a survey to give feedback. If you have ideas, suggestions, or opportunities for improvement, we want to hear them! Email or text 07876 448 119.

We were delighted that so many people told us that VGC looks after its people, pays them on time, and communicates well.

We are looking into ways we can improve other areas – thank you for your suggestions.

Safety and wellbeing

People praised VGC’s safety attitude. Other people commented positively on VGC’s trained mental health first aiders and mental health champions on site, which we were very pleased to read.


Many people praised our good staff communication. People like being kept up to date and informed, personally and by email and the staff enews. There were also positive comments about office staff being helpful and answering questions quickly.

We are about to start a new email system for safety briefings, rule books and other important documents. The system will go live shortly, so please check your emails for important messages from VGC. We will never pass your email address on to anyone else.

PPEWorker collecting PPE from stores

There were some comments about PPE. Usually, you should contact your labour manager about PPE. On some sites PPE is issued from site stores, and not by your labour manager.

If you have any problems with your PPE, please talk to your labour manager straight away or the HSQE team.

You must not work without the correct PPE. It is the last line of defence against injury.

Payroll and payslips

Lots of people were very complimentary about the way VGC pays wages correctly and on time every week. The payroll team often works late to get payments done on time and accurately, and they really appreciate your thanks. Just one late timesheet can delay the whole process, so please make sure timesheets come in on time!

We know that people want to have a note of their holiday entitlement on their payslips. This is not a current system capability. However, we are upgrading our payroll system, and we will launch an improved layout in 2020. That will list your holidays that have been paid. Thank you to those people who mentioned the HR and payroll team answering holiday pay questions on the phone.

Some people asked for higher wages. We pay rates for each trade in line with a schedule of rates that is agreed with each project. On most projects we can’t deviate from these agreed pay rates. But do bear in mind that if you develop your career through training, you may have the chance to earn more.


Our survey asked for your views on training. A key message we received is that staff are really interested in more development opportunities across VGC.

In 2018 we spent over £300,000 on training. That is on top of our apprenticeship and graduate development programmes. Examples of current training:

Dan Cook and Scott McKay
Labour manager Daniel Cooke and concreter Scott McKay, who gained a BTEC level 2 diploma in Construction Operations and Civil Engineering Services in November 2018.
  • Adult apprenticeships. These are open to everyone of any age and experience. You can do them while you are working. They give a lifelong nationally-recognised qualification.
  • Project and trade-specific training. Some training is linked a particular project. For example, we have arranged 37 small tools training courses since June 2019 for our staff on Integrated Track Team. We also arrange CSCS, CPCS, Sentinel, mental health first aid and confined spaces training where appropriate – and more!
  • Behaviour-based safety programme Be Safe by Choice. We run key influencer training for workforce safety champions. Labour managers nominate staff to be considered for key influencer safety training, so please speak to your labour manager if you are interested in this.

You can also access free e-learning from the Supply Chain Sustainability School (VGC is a gold member of the school). The fairness, inclusion and respect videos are open to all. If you complete the e-learning, please send a copy of your completion certificate to the HR team so they can record it on your file.

We are also excited to be launching our new development programme through the VGC Academy in November 2019. We will give more information about this soon.VGC Academy logo

So please speak to your labour manager or line manager about the opportunities for you.


Our policies set out how we support our staff. Most people knew that you can find our policies in the staff section of our website ( )


We were pleased to see that most people knew that if they had a workplace issue they should go to their labour manager or line manager. If you’re not happy talking to your line manager, please contact the HR team on 01895 671 800 and they will help.

Compared to last year’s survey

We had nearly twice as many responses to this year’s survey as last year.

Responses suggest staff are happier at work in 2019. People seem to be more positive about how we communicate with you, and about the support from HR, payroll and labour management team. James Burke and Donatas Jausicas were named specifically.

Senior managers are reviewing the areas where the survey indicates that we can improve.

Thank you again for taking part. If you have specific questions about the survey, please contact your labour or line manager or call the HR team on 01895 671800.