As a VGC driver, you represent the company.

Please be considerate to other road users.

Before someone can become a VGC approved driver:

  • We check the driver’s licence to ensure they meet the qualifying condition.
  • They attend a company drivers’ induction, and sign to confirm that they will comply with the rules.

We continue to run DVLA checks on each driving licence every six months.

As a VGC company approved driver, you must:

  • Complete vehicle mileage forms accurately. You must show every journey and the person driving at the time.
  • Keep the vehicle keys secure at all times.
  • Keep the fuel card PIN secure. The card is for business use only.
  • Report any damage to your VGC manager immediately.

You may not:

  • Allow anyone who is not VGC staff to travel in VGC vehicles
  • Let anyone else to drive or look after a company vehicle
  • Use a VGC van for anything other than VGC business use
  • Drive any other vehicle except the one you have been allocated.

The primary driver is the main driver of the vehicle, and is responsible for all paperwork.

Before you set off

Each vehicle has a tracker on it, which allows us to review all journeys.

  • Secondary drivers must sign the mileage forms for their journeys.
  • If your vehicle needs another driver, please speak to your VGC manager. You do not have the authority to allow anyone else to drive the vehicle.

If you do not follow the company rules set out in the driver information pack (500kb pdf), we may:

  • terminate your contract with VGC
  • charge you the £500 damage excess
  • report you to the police or relevant authorities.

The driver information pack has the phone numbers for breakdown, windscreen, accidents, etc. Or you can find those numbers on the driver contact web page.