management strategy day

VGC senior staff met in Leicestershire on 5 and 6 November for a strategy away day.

The theme was ‘teamworking’ and the aim was to explore how the different parts of the VGC Group can work together better to meet client and company needs.

Managing Director Laurence Mckidd opened the conference with a presentation summarising the results of the 2013 away day. That conference had focused on how VGC could manage its growth. This is an ongoing question: sales have almost doubled from just over £30 million in 2010 to approaching £60 million in 2015. Laurence described how the 2013 plans have been carried out: of the 55 strategic actions agreed at the 2013 conference, 67% have been completed, and a further 24% partially completed. Overall, 91% of the actions have been completed or partially completed.

Looking forward, annual sales for VGC Group are projected to be over £90 million by 2020. To ensure that we manage this in a sustainable way, VGC must focus on five areas:

  • strategy
  • marketing
  • sales
  • cashflow
  • delivery.

These are all underpinned by leadership, people and systems. People are fundamental, and the conference was about how we all, as a team, work together to ensure the continuing success of the VGC Group.

‘Teamworking is a fundamental part of the success of the VGC Group.’

Chris and Sudarshan working on one of the exercises
Chris and Sudarshan working on one of the exercises

Videos, presentations and team-working exercises led to a series of personal commitments by those present to improve the way they work with their colleagues. Executive Chairman Sean Fitzpatrick undertook to support people to deliver on these team working commitments in order to drive the business forward.

Comments on the conference included:

  • “It was an opportunity to realise how much we have in common with one another, and get us more focused on what we have to do for the business and our clients.” Stephen Burns, business development director
  • “It was good to go away as a group and have everyone involved in brainstorming ideas.” Laura Perry, human resources manager
  • “It is exciting to be involved in developing new thoughts to implement on the ground.” Mike Condon, contracts manager
  • “VGC is about collaboration and teamwork at every level, not just the board.” Bob Webb, non-executive director
  • “It was good to see the bigger picture, and be reminded that our departments are part of the larger whole, and need to work together.” Craig Cronin, manager – business development and commercial
  • “It is helpful to see the strengths and opportunities of VGC Group as a whole.” Will Dalton, contracts manager

Sean ended the conference by thanking everyone for attending and being involved so positively. He pointed out that we operate in a tough industry which will never be problem-free, but no-one has to fight their way out of problems on their own: there is a wealth of experience and ability in the organisation, and it is a real advantage to the company to have colleagues involved to find solutions to any challenges together.

Sam, Ian and Elaine with their winning structure
Sam, Ian and Elaine with their winning structure

Sean also thanked the families and partners of those who attended, for allowing them to come away to work on the future of VGC, as well as all the hardworking VGC staff who continue to work diligently every day.

Laurence’s conclusion was: “Markets are still very challenging, but with our committed team working together we will continue to be a sustainable and successful business.”


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