The new vehicles

Twelve Ford Transit Custom vans, ten Ford Fiesta vans and two VW Caddy BlueMotion vans represent a substantial investment, and demonstrate our commitment to the environment, as well as our confidence in the long-term delivery of people, projects and services to the construction and rail industries.

The new VGC-branded vehicles are all low in emissions as well as offering excellent fuel economy, to make a minimal impact on the environment. They were selected for specific reasons after consultation with our workforce: the VW Caddy vans meet the particular needs of the rail delivery team; the Ford Transit vans are customised to carry six people plus their tools, and the Fiesta vans offer greater fuel economy for journeys where a large vehicle is not required.

“As well as being very fuel efficient – the new Fiesta vans are 80 times more emission efficient than when Ford first launched them – all the vehicles carry improved safety features,” said Mike Buckingham from Cole Hire, the VGC Group vehicle division. “Safety is one of the top priorities for VGC. In fact, a recent British Safety Council audit noted VGC’s commitment to health and safety.”

VGC is an accredited member of the Transport for London FORS (Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme) which confirms our commitment to ensuring that our fleet is managed in an efficient, effective and safe way. The new vans will join the rest of the VGC-branded fleet at construction sites around the UK.

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