Workers at Heathrow

VGC is authorised to undertake security clearance for the issue of passes for airside and landside work at Heathrow.

After successful completion of a security audit and intensive training, VGC has authorised signatory status from Heathrow Airport Limited to undertake security clearance for both airside and landside passes for works at the airport.

The complex airside pass application process, audited regularly, includes the following steps.

  • The applicant attends a security interview with VGC, and VGC checks their identity and competence, and assesses their suitability. They have to provide employee references for the last five years. Every reference is verified in writing, and detailed records are kept.
  • VGC applies for a criminal record check.
  • The applicant has to pass an online security test, to ensure they are aware of airport security (such as the roles of security officers and the responsibilities of pass holders).
  • The completed and verified Heathrow application form, references, criminal record check and security test pass certificate are forwarded to the airport ID centre for approval.
  • The airport ID centre acknowledges receipt and accept the application.
  • The applicant attends a pre-booked appointment at Heathrow airport with full photo ID to collect their pass.
  • A copy of the pass and any relevant permits (for instance, to bring necessary tools into the airport) is kept by VGC.
  • The VGC airside pass co-ordinator continuously monitors and manages the expiry dates for all passes, to ensure compliance with airport security regulations.

Our airports team supplies all categories of trades and labour to work on airport infrastructure projects.

We are highly experienced in getting people, plant and materials to airside locations to get the work done. We comply with airport industrial relations and employment requirements. Our teams have worked on high-profile projects at Gatwick, Heathrow and Glasgow airports. They include drainage operatives, drivers, engineers, electricians, foremen, gangers, ground workers, labour trades, supervisors and traffic marshals.