State of Mind sport logo State of Mind Sport is VGC’s corporate charity.

The partnership supports our workforce wellbeing strategy. We are working together to raise awareness of mental wellbeing issues in our industry. During 2019 VGC has funded State of Mind Sport (SOMS) presentations to the workforce on major projects including Thames Tideway, M20, M23, Lower Thames Crossing, Crossrail Bond Street station and Integrated Track Team.


VGC staff also raise funds so that SOMS can continue to deliver information sessions within communities across the UK, especially under-represented groups. State of Mind Sport is a charity funded through donations and we aim to ensure that they can deliver to as many hard-to-reach groups as possible.

Our board of directors has offered to double all the money raised by staff. The donation total was over £12,800 by March 2021. All donations are welcome – please see the Justgiving page for our sponsorship activities.

Members of State of Mind Sport presenting to ITT workers at Ruislip Depot
Members of State of Mind Sport presenting to Integrated Track Team workers at Ruislip Depot

Construction workers are at high risk of suicide

Ciara Pryce, group services director, said: “Suicide is the biggest killer of young men under 50, and workers in the construction industry are at the highest risk of suicide. We have partnered with State of Mind Sport to help embed the message to our workforce that they are not alone. There are people who will listen to you and support you.”

Chris Ryan, operations director, said “By using sportsmen and women we hope to send a strong message that depression and mental health issues are indiscriminate. Even the most physically strong need help.”

Nick Rowe, SOMS operations director, said: “We are delighted to share our knowledge of mental fitness and suicide prevention with VGC’s workforce. We have been learning from a significant player in the construction and rail industry to develop our education programmes in mental wellbeing across the sector.”

About State of Mind Sport

State of Mind Sport delivers mental fitness and suicide prevention training.

It was formed in 2010 following the suicide of Terry Newton, a rugby league player. The founders created a network of volunteers to help educate rugby league players on suicide avoidance strategies. In 2014 the organisation became a charitable organisation and they have extended their reach to commercial and community organisations.

State of Mind Sport raises funds so that they can deliver mental fitness and suicide prevention sessions free of charge to community partners who do not have the funds to provide the training where it is most needed.

The charity harnesses the power of sport to raise awareness of the issues surround mental health and wellbeing. Presenters deliver sessions to sport, business, education and community groups, and signpost people to where they can receive care and support. VGC staff nominated SOMS as our corporate charity for 2019.