Since the very start of the VGC Group, we have always worked to be fair to all our workers, as well as our clients.

Our approach to business is built on partnership and collaboration. By giving our people the training, support and opportunities to achieve their ambitions, we’re stronger as a business, and we can exceed our clients’ expectations.

We have received numerous awards because of how seriously we take safety, training, and looking after our people.

A long-term career

We attract and retain hard-working people who share our values. We show how much we appreciate people’s contribution with awards including ‘Outperformance’ awards for good work. Five- and ten-year awards acknowledge the loyalty of people who stay with us.

Before you start work

Checking right to work in UK
Our HR team is Home Office trained to ensure people have the right to work in the UK

We check carefully before you can start work to make sure you have the right to work in the UK.

We are determined that slavery and human trafficking can never play any part in our business – please see our Modern Slavery page for more information.

We will also make sure that you are properly qualified to do your job safely. You will be tested for drugs and alcohol before you are allowed onto a worksite.

Please be aware that we have a zero tolerance alcohol and drugs policy.


We invest in training our people, to make sure they can do their jobs safely and well. We also give people the chance to learn extra skills, so they can work on many different projects.

Extra training also offers the opportunity for promotion. We have a policy of promoting internally. Read about some of the people who have been promoted to senior positions at VGC.

Fair pay

We are committed to meeting the requirements of the national living wage. If people are engaged on a working rule agreement, we pay according to these rates.

Fairness, inclusion and respect

At VGC we are pleased to have a diverse workforce. We expect everyone to treat each other with dignity and respect, and we do not tolerate unfair or discriminatory behaviour.

Please be considerate, fair and polite. Do not make assumptions based on things like someone’s age, gender, race or background.

Be aware of your behaviour: avoid making someone else feeling left out or uncomfortable. Remember that a joke you find funny could upset someone else.

If you have any questions, please ask your manager, or one of our FIR (fairness, inclusion and respect) ambassadors trained by the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

If you see or experience behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable, please tell your manager, or use our whistleblowing form to report it, so that we can do something about it.