In April 2017 new legislation required employers with 250 or more employees to report on gender pay.

Gender pay gap reporting shows the difference between the gross hourly earnings and bonus pay between men and women within an organisation.VGC workers in yellow

Companies with a good gender mix are 21% more likely to outperform their competitors than less diverse companies.

However the ONS (2016) reported that women make up only 13% of the construction workforce as a whole and UCATT reported that only 1% of women have site-based roles.

At VGC Group, we have always prided ourselves on our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. We view gender pay gap reporting as an important step in ensuring that we have open and transparent processes and procedures.

We strive to have a diverse and inclusive workplace, representative of the regions in which we work. We want our people to feel supported, safe, ambitious and able to achieve their potential in their chosen fields of work, regardless of background.

Undertaking the gender pay gap reporting exercise, and consulting with staff from various disciplines about the results, has opened up a dialogue which has provided a valuable insight into the perception of gender within our business. This discussion has resulted in a number of other benefits including cross discipline working, innovative ideas and team work.

The construction industry has a long way to go to improve female participation at all levels within the workforce. Our programmes to encourage this include:

FIR commitment logo

  • Education and training: We are providing diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias training to our people as well as promoting the fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) campaign throughout our workforce with trained FIR ambassadors.
  • Networking: Our Women in VGC network allows women within our company to be supported and mentored by male and female role models. We have plans for networking, work shadowing and training for all those that wish to be involved.
  • Attraction:

o We work to ensure that our recruitment advertising is gender neutral and is open and accessible to all demographics.

o Our schools engagement programme aims to inspire year 9 girls to consider a career within the construction industry. We are extending this to include parental engagement.

  • Opportunity:

National Association of Women in Construction logoo We are reviewing our job roles to ensure that we recruit and develop people based on competency and behaviour rather than qualification and experience. This will open our roles and development opportunities to a wider pool of candidates. We believe this will result in more diversity within technical, engineering, sales and customer-facing roles.

Women into Construction logoo VGC is a member of Women into Construction and the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). We are developing recruitment streams and networking opportunities for women to enter and develop within the industry.

  • Raising profile: VGC is sponsoring the Construction News ‘Inspire Me’ campaign which aims to encourage women to seek leadership roles in the construction industry and inspire future leaders to promote their industry as gender neutral. We hope that our public commitment to support women in the industry will empower our people to have the confidence to advance their careers within VGC and the sector.

VGC gender pay reporting

In accordance with the gender pay reporting legislation, our results are set out below. This information is accurate and is produced by our payroll software, which is compliant with gender pay reporting requirements.

VGC Personnel Ltd gender pay gap results at 5 April 2017:

  • Difference in hourly rate of pay – mean 6.29%
  • Difference in hourly rate of pay – median -10.46%*
  • Percentage of males who received bonus pay 0%
  • Percentage of females who received bonus pay 0%

*The minus figure shows that females are paid 10.46% higher than males in hourly rate of pay using the median calculation.

Upper middle0%100%
Lower middle100%0%

V G Clements Contractors Ltd gender pay gap results at 5 April 2017:

  • Difference in hourly rate of pay – mean 30.52%
  • Difference in hourly rate of pay – median 27.11%
  • Difference in bonus pay – mean 73.59%
  • Difference in bonus pay – median 61.97%
  • Percentage of males who received bonus pay 81.57%
  • Percentage of females who received bonus pay 65.22%
Upper middle99.29%0.71%
Lower middle98.60%1.40%

At VGC we give equal pay to men and women carrying out the same or similar work.

three VGC people on siteHowever we recognise that we need to do more to encourage female participation all levels of our organisation. Our existing and planned programmes, both those specifically for women and those which are part of our wider corporate social responsibility agenda, will support the VGC Group in achieving our ambitions of a more diverse and ultimately more successful company. We will continue to develop, measure and monitor the impact and outputs of our efforts.

Ciara Pryce
Group services director

3 April 2018

You can download this gender pay reporting statement as a pdf (156kb).