Our careful checks on all workers make sure that slavery and human trafficking can never play any part in our business.

Our fully audited and accredited business management system includes company policies and procedures which make sure that we operate fair and transparent systems. These are compliant with all areas of UK legislation. They include:

Specific processes prevent modern slavery and human trafficking:

  • Face to face recruitment interview with all workers to gauge willingness, ability and qualifications to carry out the specific job role
  • Stringent checks on right to work in the UK
  • Payment for hours worked made into personal bank accounts
  • Fair opportunity and access to training, development and promotion opportunities
  • Policy of promotion from within the organisation
  • Fair supplier approval process dealing with both qualitative and quantitative requirements.

If allegations are made about our suppliers not complying with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, a full investigation will take place. The contract will be terminated immediately if non-compliance is identified. Where appropriate we may offer advice on how to remediate the situation.

If you have any areas of concern in relation to the Modern Slavery Act 2015, or you are working alongside anyone from another company who you think may not be employed appropriately, and might be the victim of trafficking, please report it. You can:

We will not tell anyone your name if you would prefer to stay anonymous.

There is information about the Modern Slavery Act on the Supply Chain School website.

This statement will be reviewed annually at the end of our financial year (31 December).

This statement has been prepared by Ciara Pryce, Group Services director, and approved by the VGC Group board of directors.