VGC night works EGIPVGC’s programme supports ex-offenders into employment. We offer the opportunity for a long-term career in construction, as part of our corporate social responsibility strategy.

We are working with a number of partners at prisons across the UK to support ex-offenders into work. These include BounceBack, MindTheGap, Key4Life and A Fairer Chance.

Kimberley McGinty
Skills and employment adviser Kimberley McGinty

Skills and employment adviser Kimberley McGinty runs our programme to support ex-offenders. She attends employability events sharing job-search, CV, interview and career advice. She also liaises with our recruitment team and probation services on placing people into employment on our projects.

These work opportunities help ex-offenders break the cycle of unemployment, homelessness and reoffending.

Ex-offenders who are released on temporary licence (ROTL) have the opportunity to gain work experience in a supported environment. They are able to keep a percentage of their wages to help them with a new start when they are fully released.

VGC is a founder member of the Infrastructure Employers Forum (IEF).

In December 2018, Costain, HS2 and VGC Group set up the IEF to bring employers together to reduce barriers to long-term employment for ex-offenders.

IEF meeting
An IEF meeting hosted by VGC

The programme provides careers and job-search advice, visiting prisons across the UK to help prepare people for release. They work with the probation service and relevant partner organisations to help people find housing and other support as well as work, upon release. This support helps get their lives back on track.

Murphy Group and Danny Sullivan Group have since joined the IEF and the programme continues to grow.