The Industry Common Induction (ICI) qualification is mandatory for working on Network Rail projects.

Since June 2016, all people working on any Network Rail IP sponsored projects have to have the ICI qualification. This includes work on construction sites, rail depots and station maintenance.

The qualification was created to:

  1. Drive safety, ensuring staff have a core competence in health safety and environment
  2. Drive productivity, by reducing the amount of time taken to access sites
  3. Drive consistency, covering safety procedures and risks that are common across the rail industry
  4. Allow more focus, with tailored briefs focusing on site risks and hazards specific to a location
  5. Provide an entry level competency for working in the rail industry.

In order to achieve the ICI qualification you have to complete an online e-learning training package and then complete an online test.

There is re-certification every 60 months to make sure knowledge is kept up-to-date.

You can do the test at one of our offices in Ruislip, Canning Town or Manchester.

If your job requires a PTS (personal track safety) qualification, you will probably need ICI as well.

There’s more information about the industry common induction on the Network Rail website.