Health and safety on G.Network

Jul 2022

As of July 2022, on the G.Network projects, VGC have had an LTI of 0 for the last 12 rolling months, and the AFR has been 0 since the start of the contract.

The project has been RIDDOR free since its beginning, and there have been no major incidents or accidents.

However, in order to innovate within the health and safety area of delivery, VGC have implements QR code observation forms across all sites. This supports VGC’s objective to move to paperless, but also has improved both the quality and frequency of observation submissions due to the ease in which operatives can do so.

Since its implementation in May 2021 VGC operatives have submitted 423 observations, which is an increase of over 25% on the previous 12 months.

London’s streets are extremely congested with existing buried services. Our team is overcoming the challenges of finding a clear route for the new fibre broadband network. We are using detailed planning and documentation to mitigate the risks from buried services and maintain productivity for our client.

Reece Grace is a site leader on our G.Network projects. Whilst carrying out works in the height of the pandemic, Reece bought essential food shopping each day for a 90-year-old lady who lives near his worksite in NW8, to make sure she has all the essentials. When she mentioned that her TV set was broken, he donated and installed one for her.