Health and wellbeing checks

Feb 2016

VGC have been providing staff with the opportunity to have a health check.

Qualified nurses from K2 associates have carried out checks on:

  • Height/weight
  • Healthy lifestyle advice
  • Smoking advice
  • Diabetes questionnaire (urinalysis or glucose testing)
  • Blood pressure checks and advice
  • Cholesterol checks
  • Vision (Snellen Chart)

These checks are private and confidential, and participants are provided with a report afterwards.

The tests have been carried out across 3 offices, with almost 50 appointments attended.

The initiative began when Head of Operations, James Burke, submitted the idea via our innovations portal.

“In line with our value ‘we look after each other’ I think it would be beneficial to provide employees with free health checks in the offices as it can be difficult to get a face to face GP appointment. Health checks are important to detect ill health at an early stage and educate employees with their lifestyle choices.”

“Sending a big thank you to VGC and K2 for arranging the initiative of health checks for all of our management staff and operatives. In times when it can be difficult to see a GP, this has proved to be very beneficial for all who took part. Positive feedback was received from all that attended.”

Katie Leahey, Project Coordinator