Military recruitment programme

Nov 2023

VGC recognises the potential of ex-military personnel and their transferable skills to contribute significantly to VGC.

Our ex-forces recruitment programme has been designed to tap into the abilities developed during military service, aligning them with the demands of the construction sector.
Our social impact team works closely with ex-military personnel, both on site and in our offices to develop a holistic programme that encompasses both the recruitment and retention of those leaving the military.


We work closely with our Regional Employment Engagement Director to assess the current areas of engagement to target our recruitment activities.

We have collaborated with various military transition programmes and veteran organisations to identify potential candidates.

“I have been made to feel very welcome at VGC in the 11 months since I started. The major difference from previous employers is that VGC provides a personal level of integration, I feel like a name and not a number.”

Danny Carr, Labour Resourcer

Training and retention

We have an ex-forces working group within our offices that all ex-forces personnel can join in order to share their experience to improve our programme, and have the support of fellow military leavers.

We have regular communications with our site based staff to ascertain which staff are ex-forces, and provide support where necessary. We also gain valuable feedback from our workforce to influence our activities.

In 2024 we will be launching our Reservist Mobilisation Policy, which will allow all reservists an additional five days of paid annual leave to continue their training and development activities.

Employer recognition scheme

In 2024, we were delighted to be awarded the Bronze award in the employer recognition scheme, and are actively taking steps to expand both our recruitment and retention activities in order to gain our Silver award.

“As I reflect on the journey from military service to civilian employment, I am genuinely grateful for the positive impact that VGC has had on my life. The experience has not only been a career transition but a life transition, and VGC’s support has played a significant role in making it a smooth and fulfilling process.”

Zara Mackintosh, Business Transformation Manager

“There is no one size fits all industry or company for service personnel leaving their respective services, but I was fortunate to find a company that embodies qualities I would suggest are essential for all leavers; vision, patience, acceptance, and enduring support.”

David Brevitt, Head of Business Performance