ATC stand-down day health check success

ATC stand-down day health check success

More than 140 people took advantage of VGC’s offer of free health checks at an ATC stand-down day this month.

As part of ATC’s energisation stand-down day, VGC commissioned K2 Associates to provide free health checks to all the attendees. The offer was very popular, and 146 people received one-to-one consultations.

Health test results

Everyone was offered their own electronic print-out to take away. showing:

  • BMI
  • height
  • weight
  • blood oxygen
  • body fat

They were advised of the NHS recommended ranges for the different measurements, shown their own readings, and told what these mean. For example, having a low temperature may indicate poor circulation, and that may possibly be due to artery disease. Circulation problems may cause men to suffer erectile dysfunction.

As a result of the tests, a small number of people were advised to follow up with their GP for further in-depth checks.

Investment in workforce health

Ben, Richard, Chris, Nick
The VGC team at the stand-down day (from L to R): HSQE adviser Ben Keegan, HSQE manager Richard Wheeler, operations manager Chris O’Sullivan, labour manager Nick Wells

Richard Wheeler, HSQE manager, said: “It’s a priority for us to make sure our people stay well and happy, so offering free health checks at convenient times and places are an important part of our investment in workforce health and wellbeing. We were delighted to support ATC’s standdown day in this way.”

“The people who were advised to make a GP appointment may have been given just what they need to take preventative action. That alone is a success.

“In addition, the overall results of these checks help us to identify and target specific areas where our people could be healthier. Then we focus on these in our ongoing staff communications, offering suggestions for ways people can consider improving their mental and physical health.”

The anonymised results from the day have been shared with ATC to help indicate the state of the workforce.


The stand-down day was held on 14 November at Excel London, with presentations from celebrity ex-boxer Frank Bruno and interactive training company Dramanon.

Everyone in the ACT Crossrail workforce was encouraged to attend to be aware of the electrification of the worksite as part of the Crossrail C610 tunnel fit-out contract.