Costain Blue for HS2 teams

Costain Blue for HS2 teams

Our teams working on HS2 for client SCS have achieved Costain Defining Blue status.

Both the west and central SCS teams have achieved this prestigious award for ‘inspirational’ performance across the first two quarters of 2021.

Costain awards ‘Blue’ status to suppliers who consistently achieve a high standard against health, safety, time, quality, people, and environment metrics.

HS2 West Ruislip SCS CSJV
HS2 works at West Ruislip

The company scores performance as

  • red – non-compliant
  • amber – compliant
  • green – commendation
  • blue – inspirational.

To achieve blue status, companies must score at least 800 points two quarters in a row.

“Thank you and congratulations to the whole workforce and delivery team, led by Chris O’Sullivan, Jana Romanova, Conor McKeon and Natalia Lagos,” said managing director Chris Ryan. “Your dedication to supporting our client SCS and maintaining VGC’s high standards is very much appreciated.”

Our teams on Thames Tideway and Crossrail Bond Street have achieved Costain Blue status several times, a tribute to their consistently high standards.