Getting the COVID vaccine

Getting the COVID vaccine

I’ve had the vaccine – and it was really easy.

If you get offered the COVID vaccine, please get it. I had mine in early February, and I’m pleased to say it is now protecting me and my family.

The process is really easy. My GP surgery sent me a text with a link to book online. I had a choice of times, and went along one evening after work.

The system was incredibly efficient, and everyone was really pleasant.

A person near the entrance noted my name and date of birth. She handed me an information sheet and asked me to wait on a just-cleaned seat in a reception area. I’d barely sat down when I was called to a booth to check any allergies, and given a card with the date and vaccine. Mine was the Astra Zeneca vaccine – home-grown!

COVID vaccinations in sports hallThen I was asked to wait in the middle of a big sports hall, with vaccination areas around the sides. I took off my coat and jumper, and was very quickly called forward to one of the areas. Terry checked my details, while Kanika wiped my arm. Seconds later she said I was done – I genuinely hadn’t felt anything at all.

People who had lifts, or were getting the bus, left straight away. Because I had cycled, they asked me to wait for 15 minutes before leaving, just in case there was a reaction. So I left around 20 minutes after I’d first arrived.

I will definitely be back for the second dose when I’m called.

Why I’m pleased I’ve been vaccinated

  • It really didn’t hurt – I didn’t feel it at all.
  • I felt unwell the next day. That was my immune system getting ready to zap the coronavirus if I do get infected. It felt like flu, and wasn’t much fun, but 24 hours later I just felt tired. A day of flu is so much better than feeling really sick for several weeks, ending up in hospital, and maybe dying! I’m working from home, like most VGC office staff, so it was easy to catch up at the weekend.
  • I’m more protected than I was before. So is everyone else – because I’ve had the jab, I’m less likely to pass COVID germs on. It may not be 100%, but it’s definitely an extra layer of protection, on top of masks and hand washing. As more and more people are vaccinated, the number of people getting ill and the number of people dying, are both falling dramatically.

Because I’m asthmatic, I’m at risk, so mine was a little earlier than most. But when you get the text, please do go along, and help us all get out of lockdown!