Crossrail award for VGC apprentices

Crossrail award for VGC apprentices

VGC Labour Solutions is delighted to be part of the team at C511 that won the Crossrail Sustainability Award in the Young Crossrail and Community Investment category for their Construction Training in the Community initiative.

VGC Labour Solutions have employed three apprentices on section C511 of Crossrail – namely Lee Van-Cliff, Shabul Hussain and Mumin Choudhoury

Working with BNK Community Relations Manager, Jade Onashoga and the Osmani Trust, VGC Labour Solutions have been able to engage with local young people in an area of high unemployment and provide employment and training opportunities.

Following a lengthy recruitment process our apprentices attended a five week programme at the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy (TUCA) in Ilford which has been supplemented by on site experience and mentoring to underpin their learning.

Chris O Sullivan, Contract Supervisor for VGC Labour Solutions said “as a supplier of personnel to high profile contracts such as Crossrail, we believe that we have an integral role within the labour market in supporting youth employment. A flagship project such as Crossrail allows us the opportunity to provide sustainable training and employment opportunities to new entrants to the construction industry.”

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