Additional benefits from behaviour-based safety

Additional benefits from behaviour-based safety

Our ongoing commitment to health and safety is producing an unexpected extra bonus.

As well as improving site safety culture, ‘Be Safe by Choice with VGC’ has promoted dialogue between staff.

VGC’s Be Safe by Choice behaviour-based safety programme includes the appointment of workplace safety champions, our key influencers. The programme equips key influencers with the softer skills that help them to manage difficult conversations. Their improved interpersonal skills give colleagues the confidence to approach them for support or advice on a variety of subjects.

Conversations that initially focused on health and safety issues and work planning, now include cultural and personal issues.

One key influencer reported that the behavioural safety training had even helped him in his relationship with his teenage son!

“It is encouraging and rewarding for all concerned that our investment in behaviour-based safety is producing unforeseen positive outcomes,” said Ciara Pryce, group services director. “We are seeing better quality reports from site, and also improved dialogue between various levels of staff within the company.”

Improved safety behaviour on site

VGC has been committed to best safety practice since the company was founded in 1960. The Be Safe by Choice behaviour-based safety programme was launched in May 2012, with training delivered to all levels of staff. It has led to a marked improvement in the reporting of close calls and near misses.

This in turn has improved safety behaviour on site, and had a positive impact on RIDDOR accident rates.

“We believe that our commitment to a strong and supportive safety culture will continue to deliver benefits across the organisation in terms of management development and a fair and open diversity culture, as well as workplace safety,” Ciara continued.

“Promoting a culture of health and safety continues to be a challenge for industry in general, and for the construction and engineering sectors in particular. But these positive outcomes are encouraging and rewarding for all concerned.”