Macdonald wins joint Crossrail collaboration award

Macdonald wins joint Crossrail collaboration award

Michael Lee, construction interface manager, and Macdonald Onwona, general foreman and lead worksite train controller (WTC), have jointly won a Crossrail collaboration award.

Macdonald reports to Michael on ATC Systemwide. This is the Alstom TSO Costain joint venture managing the C610 Crossrail tunnel fit-out from Royal Oak to Canary Wharf and Plumstead.

“Mac is so committed, with such passion for the WTC team of around 40 people,” said Michael. “He works tirelessly to keep all WTC on point – his work is priceless to us all, including me.”

“Congratulations to Macdonald and to Michael Lee on their joint award,” said labour manager Nick Wells. “All our people work extremely hard on this project, it’s great that their efforts have been recognised: they’re a good example of why Crossrail is going to be a success.”

Nick Wells
Labour manager Nick Wells

Nick has been on ATC Systemwide project since the start of 2016. He joined VGC in 2008 and was promoted from section foreman on Crossrail Whitechapel (where VGC was working for client BBMV) to contracts supervisor, before becoming the labour manager for our team on ATC C610.

“I’m really proud of all our people,” he continued. “It isn’t easy to keep the pace up, especially in the current very hot weather, and they’re really stepping up to the mark and doing their very best.”

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