Our 2021 staff survey results

Our 2021 staff survey results

Thank you to everyone who took part in the staff survey.

We had even more responses than last year, and our total net promoter score came out as an impressive 63.5.

69% of responders said they would definitely recommend working for VGC to a friend or colleague.

The prize draw £50 voucher was won by Abdigani Sugulle – congratulations!

What VGC does well

  • More than a quarter of free text comments, 27%, said that VGC looks after its staff.
  • 10% of answers said people appreciate getting consistent work.
  • 12% of answers commented on how friendly their colleagues are.
  • 16% of compliments thanked the payroll team for paying the right wages on time.
  • 21% of compliments were for communications, including our enews and social media.

What could make your job easier


There were some comments from site workforce about PPE. Your labour manager will provide standard PPE to you, so please make sure they know what you need. If you need task-specific PPE – for example, waterproof boots to work in wet conditions – please tell your manager, so they can ask our client on the project to supply what is appropriate.


Some people said their tools weren’t very good quality. We don’t supply tools on most sites, so please talk to your VGC labour manager and ask them to raise the matter with our clients.

Remember our Be Safe rules. If a tool – or anything else – is unsafe, you must report it.


A number of people requested holiday information on the payslips. A team made up of IT, finance, payroll and commercial has been working hard for the last six months to finalise the new timesheet system. They’re going to start testing it soon, and they expect to go live this winter. It will give us a cloud-based platform for entering pay and bill hours, so it’ll be easier to access and analyse the data. This has been a huge project, and is part of streamlining and updating the whole business.

In the meantime, please email payroll@vgcgroup.co.uk to request your holiday allowance.


Several members of office staff said that we could improve the way different departments collaborate with each other. The senior leadership team is developing new ways to encourage people and departments to collaborate better.

If you have a specific idea that you think will help improve our collaboration, please enter it into the innovation portal at vgcgroup.co.uk/ideas

Thank you to colleagues

The people listed below were thanked for being good to work with. If you nominated someone in the list without giving their surname, please use the Go Beyond nomination form at vgcgroup.co.uk/award to give more details, like their trade, surname, and the site where they work. Then we can make sure we thank the right person.

    • Adekunle Adetayo
    • Afeworke Beyene
    • Alan Mills
    • Alex Dalton
    • Alex Wyatt
    • Andrew Donnelly
    • Anna Bieda
    • Anthony Fender
    • Antony Iveson
    • Aaron Burnside
    • Bradley Bayford
    • Carl Walmsley
    • Catalin Gavrila
    • Chris O’Sullivan
    • Chris Wilson
    • Ciara Pryce
    • Ciaran Alstowe
    • Claudio Rusu
    • Chris Ifeanyi
    • Damien Walsh
    • Dan Parkinson
    • Dave Backhouse
    • Dave Matthews
    • Dimitar Bankov
    • Donatas Jausicas
    • Eduard Babasa
    • Ellie Cook
    • George Farquhar
    • Goytom Hailay
    • Graham Walker
    • Harjit Singh
    • Henok Tsegaye
    • Inderjit Singh
    • Jacques Kriel
    • James Burke
    • James Tymon
    • Jana Romanova
    • Jarnail Sanghera
    • Jason Elley
    • John Badger
    • Nirvana Murray
    • Kayleigh Boxley
    • Kesh Waliahe
    • Kimberley McGinty
    • Laura Perry
    • Leroy Shepherd
    • Louise Starkie
    • Mark Beer
    • Mark Gleeson
    • Michael Musyoka
    • Michael Walzak
    • Mick McCarney
    • Mihai Gligor
    • Mitch Turbitt
    • Supal Singh
    • Nick Wells
    • Paul Jones
    • Patrick Alexander
    • Radu Filon
    • Rashpal Singh
    • Razvan Georgian Stegaru
    • Rebecca Parfitt
    • Richard Wheeler
    • Robbie Long
    • Ron Turnage
    • Richard Wheeler
    • Ryan Bridgewater
    • Sam Wilson
    • Sudarshan Deshmukh
    • Steve Kumar
    • Steve Kenny
    • Stephen Burns
    • Surafel Kassa
    • Theo Barclay
    • Umar Geda

Thank you again to everyone who took part. If you have specific questions about the survey, please contact your labour or line manager, or call the HR team on 01895 671800.

Remember you don’t have to wait for a survey to give feedback.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or opportunities for improvement, we want to hear them.

You don’t have to wait until the next survey. Use the online innovations portal at vgcgroup.co.uk/ideas, or email enq@vgcgroup.co.uk.