Reponsible Business Tracker achievement

Reponsible Business Tracker achievement

VGC’s performance as a responsible business has been favourably noted by Business in the Community (BITC).

We took part in the forerunner cycle of the Responsible Business Tracker at the start of 2019. Feedback noted three particular strengths:

Strength 1

“VGC Group has undertaken a detailed data analysis to find issues that are important to internal and external stakeholders. This shows a genuine interest in working collaboratively with your clients, staff and the communities that you impact. It supports the credibility of your responsible business strategy.”

Strength 2

“The company’s informed and enthusiastic commitment, from the very top of the organisation, to addressing the highly material (education and diversity and inclusion) is very impressive. Your ambition to employ local people, develop local skills and support local community initiatives is clearly articulated. It is well embedded into operations and supported by some impact measurement.”

Strength 3

VGC Group’s ambitions to have a ‘culture that is fully inclusive embracing all differences’ is an admirable one, particularly given the sector that they operate in.”

Other feedback included:

  • “There are many commendable initiatives referenced in this submission.”
  • “It’s great to see all the excellent programme work you are doing to address key social issues in your community.”

Prince's Responsible Business Network logoMaria-Jose Subiela, director of global goals, Business in the Community, said: “Thank you to VGC Group for taking part in the forerunner cycle of the Responsible Business Tracker. The assessment team was impressed by your wholehearted commitment to embedding responsible business throughout your organisation, to positively impact on the communities that you serve.”

About the Responsible Business Tracker

The Responsible Business Tracker®​ enables a business to measure their performance. The tracker is aligned with the United Nations sustainable development goals that underpin the Business in the Community responsible business map. It allows a business to identify key issues to ensure long-term financial value, enabling both society and the planet to thrive.

BITC piloted the tracker​ with 82 forerunner member companies from 26 sectors. It will launch the Responsible Business in Action campaign at Sky Central on 29 April. At the event, BITC will release the RB Tracker Insights report and announce the RB awards finalists.