SCSS Wellbeing special interest group

SCSS Wellbeing special interest group

Fiona writes:

Last week I took part in the launch of the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) Wellbeing special interest group (SIG).

We had a good turnout, including representatives from Highways England, Bouygues, Canary Wharf group, Wates, Danny Sullivan Group, and Liz Holford of the SCSS. Our meeting was hosted by Marshalls and chaired by Claire Bradbury of Action Sustainability.

Because SCSS partners work across so many areas, we believe that together we can contribute insights into the wellbeing of people who build, and live and work in the built environment. We discussed the objectives of the group and looked at what we are doing on wellbeing and how the SCSS can support us going forward.SCSS Wellbeing SIG meeting

The Wellbeing SIG will operate for around six months. The SIG will consider the fullest meaning of wellbeing – this is not only about mental health. In early 2020 we will conclude the SIG with recommendations for SCSS wellbeing resources. We will aim to produce outputs that are cover individual and collective wellbeing, focusing on long-term impact. We may decide to produce a guide, a charter, a workshop or other resources.

Why we are looking at wellbeing

Greater wellbeing raises productivity, and reduces physical illness. Work-related stress accounts for over half of Britain’s working days lost due to ill-health. The World Green Building Council has produced a paper called ‘Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices’ which looks at the relationship between an office building and its users. “There is overwhelming evidence which demonstrates that the design of an office impacts the health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants.”

Fiona Dowling
Fiona Dowling, wellbeing champion and mental health first-aider