Sudarshan Deshmukh promoted to IT director

Sudarshan Deshmukh promoted to IT director

We’re pleased to announce that Sudarshan Deshmukh has been promoted to the role of IT director.

Sudarshan Deshmukh, also known as ‘SD’, has worked for VGC for 12 years. He joined as an IT assistant and was promoted to deputy IT manager in 2009, becoming IT manager in 2011. During his time at VGC he has attended various training courses to develop management and technical skills. Recently he completed an IT and digital leadership programme at the Cranfield School of Management.

Ron Cairns, VGC’s previous IT director, retired in May 2017 after serving VGC since 1983. Sadly, he passed away in May this year.

Over the years, Sudarshan has been instrumental in the development and maintenance of the company’s complex IT infrastructure across the UK. This includes managing all the elements of VGC’s communications with staff and clients, including storage, electronic communications, web hosting, security, and telephony. The systems enable effective management of functions including human resources, recruitment, training, procurement and payroll. With over 1,200 contract, temporary and permanent staff, the last is an important and challenging task.

“VGC recognises that continuous investment in IT is essential for us to maintain our position as the UK’s key infrastructure labour supplier,” he said. “I am keen to build on Ron’s legacy. My role is to ensure that we continue to use the most up-to-date technology to help our operations teams to serve our clients with innovative solutions.

“I look forward to serving on the board, and helping to implement our ambitious plans for growth in the years ahead.”