VGC Go beyond award winners

VGC Go beyond award winners

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Go beyond awards.

Chief executive Laurence Mckidd announced the winners at today’s six-monthly meeting.

He said: “I have been so impressed by the way all our staff have pulled together to support each other and our clients this year.

“Thank you to everyone who nominated colleagues for awards, and to everyone who was shortlisted for going above and beyond your normal roles. We even received nominations from our clients and suppliers.”

We achieve potential

Jana Romanova and Rishi Khera
Jana Romanova and Rishi Khera


  • Jana Romanova
  • Rishi Khera

We deliver on our promises

Shauna McKeown and Michael Hagri
Shauna McKeown and Michael Hagri


  • Shauna McKeown
  • Michael Hagri

We look after each other

Eddie Long and Reece Grace
Eddie Long and Reece Grace


  • Eddie Long
  • Reece Grace

See our shortlist page for details of their achievements.

Outstanding achievement

This award is for the member of staff who has demonstrated the consistent application of the VGC values across the year. ​

Joanne O'Hara
Joanne O’Hara


  • Joanne O’Hara, acting payroll manager
Joanne received seven nominations. Over and above managing the normal challenging weekly payroll, she worked closely with our accountants and lawyers to understand and implement the complex furlough guidance. This was while training new people and managing the maternity leave for two department members.
She often starts early and works late, always without protest, still answering everyone’s day-to-day queries.
One nominee said one of the main reasons for VGC’s good name in the industry is because we pay people correctly each week; it was a major factor in positive responses from the recent site staff survey.
Some say that payroll should get an award every year for the work they do!

Group services director Ciara Pryce said: “Congratulations to you all, and thank you for the way you go beyond the day job to support VGC and our clients. It is incredibly hard to fully recognise all the amazing things that have been done. We would love to have given you all awards.”

She announced special recognition to:

  • the IT team who managed to get us all working from home using new software and providing us with all the hardware required
  • the VGC Projects team who worked throughout the lockdown and completed all our projects – with a special mention to the M25 team
  • the procurement team who ensured materials and PPE were always available when needed to build the projects​
  • the finance, payroll and commercial teams who kept the numbers flowing throughout​
  • the VGC Personnel team who massively increased their contractor base during this period.

Ciara acknowledged everyone who fed into the business continuity processes throughout the year. These include financial planning, HR, marketing and communications, health and safety planning, vehicle management, client support and labour management

She also thanked those who were furloughed for periods during the year. “It can’t have been easy but your loyalty and support is appreciated.”

Chairman Sean Fitzpatrick said: “Thank you to everyone for keeping going throughout the pandemic. This has been a difficult year, but your hard work and support are why VGC is in such a good position now. With our new structure we are in the best possible position to succeed and grow in 2021.”

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Download the slides from the meeting (1MB pdf) for more information. Do get in touch if you have any questions!