Booking Time Off

This form can be used for booking time off – whether it is annual leave or sickness/absence.


Booking time off for annual leave

You must give as much notice as possible for booking annual leave. As a minimum this should be 14 days.

We cannot guarantee that your request will be granted. We always do our best to allow you the holiday you want, but sometimes that isn’t possible due to operational needs or if others have already booked the days off.

Do not pay for a holiday unless your VGC labour manager has approved your request.

If you usually work weekends, please make it clear which days you will be away.

You may not take more than two weeks’ leave at a time without special permission from HR. Please email requests to

You may be required to follow separate procedures for booking time off on the project that you are working on. Please ensure that this is done in addition to completing this form.

Booking time off for illness / injury

If you are absent from work due illness / injury please complete this form detailing the period of absence that you will be away.

To qualify for sick pay you will need to complete an absence self certification for the first 7 days of absence. This needs to be e mailed to

For absences over 7 days, you are required to submit a ‘Fit for work form’ from your medical practitioner. This should be emailed to


Booking time off form